Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My year in review

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought it was a cool idea. I can not for the life of me remember where I saw it so if it was your blog let me know and I will give proper credit.

So without further ado here is a favorite blog post of mine from each month of the past year.

Results ~ Jan.08

Moving ~ Feb.08

Meat? ~ March 08

5 years old ~ April 08

Look what I made! ~ May 08

Graduation ~ June 08

Devastated ~ July 08

Zip Trip
~ Aug. 08

~ Sept. 08

Weekend ~ Oct. 08

Parenting Tip # 654
~ Nov. 08

Watch out
~ Dec. 08

So there you have it my favorite posts of 2008. Happy new year to you all.


Delenn said...

Love this idea, I think I will do this. I loved going to your previous posts and seeing how things are changing.

Happy New Year!

Jerri Ann said...

I've been hunting the proper 12/31/08 type post and here I have it...going to do it after I do some blog reading.......