Saturday, July 05, 2008


How was your 4th? Ours started off really nicely. We had a bunch of people over for a BBQ and of course fireworks. Had a blast and was so tired last night. About midnight my doorbell starts ringing. Now you know in my head I am saying WTF! I go to the door and it is Uncle John. His house burned down last night. He is safe and everyone got out ok. One firefighter did have minor injuries, it was a 3 alarm fire from what the news said. He is at the house now seeing if there is anything salvageable. He will be staying with us for the foreseeable future. Sleeping in the boys room. T will sleep with Dad and I will continue to bunk on the couch. I am so grateful it happened at 10pm instead of 2am. If it had happened later I fear we would be planning a funeral today. John said it spread really fast. He overheard his downstairs neighbor on the phone to her DH saying that she had a candle going and it caught the curtains on fire. UNBELIEVABLE! Here is a picture of the house.


LAFD Media and Public Relations said...


Uncle John is fortunate, not only that he survived a terrible fire, but that he has loving family such as you to lend support in a difficult time.

Our friends at the U.S. Fire Administration offer an excellent publication called 'After A Fire', as well as some great fire safety tips for households such as yours with young children.

We hope you can share this information with your friends and family.

Please acept our best wishes fo you and Tony the on your upcoming anniversary, and should you ever make it to Los Angeles, we'd cherish the opportunity to show Jayden and Terrell around the Fire Station.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

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Mrs. Schmitty said...

OMG that is horrible...thank God everyone is safe!

Jerri Ann said...

My mom's house burned 2 years ago, on my birthday, actually, 3 years ago. Anyway, I was pg was Jace, she had gone to get her hair cut and we were all going out to eat for my birthday. Except this nasty storm blew in and we couldn't decide whether to go or not. Before my mom returned from her hair appt., my cousin came running to my door. Lightening had struck my mom's house. They said it hit the air conditioner. Had all that other stuff not been planned, my mom's normal routine on friday would be to come home from work and take a short nap, about 6 feet from the air is sooo scarry.