Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 years old

Terrell is 5 today, how is my baby so big now?

Terrell you are a joy to me and Daddy. We love you so much. You amaze me each day with the things you are learning and the things you say. I know you are going to turn into a wonderful man someday. You are sweet and caring and compassionate. You still love to cuddle which I really like but I wish you wouldn't want to do it at 2am. You can say the sweetest things at times and then 2 minutes later you turn into the devil child. We have hit the sore loser stage. You are so dramatic, my favorite was when you could not fold a blanket and you threw yourself on the floor declaring " I am a failure at everything!" I just know great things lie ahead for you and I can not wait to see how well you adjust to going to kindergarten. It is hard for me to wrap my head around you being that old already. I am so happy that you are excited for your little brother to be born and I can't wait for you to teach him things. Happy Birthday Terrell! Mom and Dad love you so much.


Zephra said...

"What you talkin about Willis?". That is what his face says. Happy B day T.

Delenn said...

Happy Birthday, Terrell!

Wow, 5 years old and kindergarten soon...it goes fast!

Kerry said...

Hi, I just came across your blog while surfing BlogMad.

A belated Happy birthday to Terrell. It's amazing how quick children grow from being babies and how fast their childhood seems to go by. My eldest is 14 and it really doesn't seem like that long since she was a baby.