Thursday, April 17, 2008


I grew up in a haunted house, go ahead laugh and scoff. I know and my sister knows it is the truth. I remember my real mom telling me once that she hated when Dad worked nights and would keep me and my sister downstairs with her while we all slept because you could hear people walking and moving furniture upstairs. After Dad and she divorced and he remarried I would be left home to babysit, I remember hearing footsteps on the stairs but no one was there. Plus you would just have feelings that someone was around you. The basement was the only part of the house that scared the crap out of me though. Did it scare you to sis? Our washer and dryer was down there, guess who did the laundry? Yup me, I remember I would go down there and sing Jesus loves me to keep myself calm. I just know in my heart there was something bad down there. Keep in mind we lived in an old old house. The woman who owned it before us was born and died in that house. Well one day we were playing around and stuff and I remember my baby sis went down to the basement. She came up the stairs like the devil was on her tail. She said something was after her. All she could see were red eyes coming at her. I have never forgotten that. I am 100% positive that the lady that lived there protected her from whatever was after her. Years later Zephra told me her and baby sis played with an Ouji board and the old lady said she was protecting us. I sure wish she could have protected us from the abuse but at least she kept the bad ghosts away. I wonder if the people who live there now know the house is haunted?


Jerri said...

We have a ghost that lives in the daycare. He is old and smelly. I've smelled him in several different places through out the daycare. He originally stayed put in between two rooms, but when we painted, he moved into the hall. People laugh at me too but then, when they smell him, they are all like, "whoa!".

Anyway, every I mention this to the man who owns the building, he says, "I won't tell you what happened here before the daycare was here then."

Prior to it being a daycare it was a gym so I can't imagine too many things could have happened but I don't care, this ol' guy is fine other than the fact that he stinks. He smells like he has been working all day and sweating. Not a greasy smell, just an old man funk.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I believe in spirits. When Mr. Schmitty and I were first married, we lived upstairs from his parents in an apartment. We know that the old woman who had lived there when he was a child visited. He saw her. My cats used to freak out there too. They never freaked when we moved.

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

I know this is a really OLD blog post of yours, but when I was writing my ghost blog this past halloween it made me think of your story!