Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watch out

Well it seems the little one is having a growth spurt as well as a learning spurt. He crawled tonight. Real one knee then the other crawling. I am so proud and now I am thinking of all the things that must change with a mobile baby in the house. Baby gates must go up. Lego's and other small toys must be only in the computer room from this day forward. I was really hoping to get through Christmas before he really got moving, guess we are going to have to watch the tree extra carefully now. Wow my baby boy is sure growing up fast!


Rachel said...

How exciting! Congrats to the little man!
Just an update: Mr. Farty's been on the regular formula since Saturday, and yesterday was the only diaper blowout. Still no rash, puking or screaming. And I saved the outfit, I managed to 'Shout it out!'

Jess said...

Wow,Congrats on your little man crawling already!