Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So I think I have figured out how to stop obsessing about peeing on HPT's. They key is you must sleep all day. That is pretty much what I did today. I did not shower or get dressed I just dozed off and on all day. Thank god T is at an age where he is good about letting mommy rest. It helped that my BIL was home most of the day too. The hot flashes though are killing me. I can not believe how hot I get in my sleep. I told Tony that I am not buying any HPT's until Monday because if I don't have them I can not pee on them but we will see. I know it is way to early to get a positive but hey it gives me something to do. I can not even lie and say it is to see if the trigger shot is gone cause it is and I know it. I will be working the next 3 nights so that helps too. Co worker did an awesome job with the PIO shot last night. She only jabbed me with the needle twice. She got it right to the skin and got nervous. Once she did it she was fine though. Thank god cause for real I AM NOT GIVING THAT SHOT TO MYSELF! Have you seen the size of that needle? It is huge. Well that is it for me today, I just figured I should write something.

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