Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tiring day

Yesterday I took the boys to the pool at my job. It is a sweet little side benefit that we can us it whenever we want. I just wish it was an indoor pool. Anyway I picked up T's best friend and brought him with us. We got to the pool around 10:30 am and left at 4:30, yes one full day of swimming. Jayden slept most of the day but T and his BFF had the best time. They swam and jumped and screamed. It was little boy heaven. After all the fun at the pool the best friend still had to play T ball. I left Terrell at the field to watch the game, I came home and showered. I was not going to go back but something told me to head back over. I get there and my kid is helping out the team! He was so excited to play on the team with his best buddy. He was exhausted last night and actually put himself to bed well before his bed time.

On a side note tomorrow I start back at 40 hours a week, aren't I lucky they are giving me all 5 days in a row? Yeah nice way to welcome back the full time working mom. Thanks Karen!

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