Friday, August 01, 2008

WTF did you say?

Yesterday I took Terrell to his Tball game. I decided to give dear old Dad a break. I was talking to one of the few Mom's who is kinda like me. Tattooed, brash you know a normal person not the stuck up clicky Mom that are all over this town. Her adorable 11 year old daughter was all over Jayden, it was really sweet. She said a few times how he has a tan. I pointed out T in the field and said yes he is dark like his brother. I then told her that his Daddy was black. Mom proceeds to say to her daughter you know that COLORED guy that is usually here? That is her husband. COLORED guy? WTF is it 1960 and someone forgot to tell me? She might as well have dropped the N bomb it was so offensive to me. Ugh and I thought she was cool and that maybe we could have been friends. Oh well.

On a much better note, Tony gave me $60 last night, when I got up this morning there was $20 missing. He needed it for work. He also needed it for some scratch tickets too, he hit for $1000 on a $2 ticket. Thank you God we needed that!


Delenn said...

Congrats on the lotto!

People are so stupid sometimes. I am sure she did not even realize she was being offensive.

Have a good weekend!

Zephra said...

Damn that colored man is lucky.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Your sister is a piece of work, by the way! SNORT!

Congratulations on the lottery AND for not smacking that woman in the head!

Jerri Ann said...

Oh no she dinna' say something so stupid. OMG, I can't imagine someone...ugh!