Friday, April 27, 2007


My RE's office made me cry today. Damn them to hell for that. I am paying you for a service and I do not want to be treated like a second class citizen just because I am overweight. Fat people get pregnant everyday in this country. I called the clinic this morning to let them know it was CD1, the nurse in the monitoring center was very sweet to me. Asking about are we not doing the weight loss etc. I told her yes I was down 7 pounds and counting. She was great, ordered my meds for me and everything. Then this afternoon I get a called at work on my cell phone from Kathy, she started questioning me saying Dr. H wanted you to have your BMI below 35. I said no he said wait one cycle lose some weight. He never told me I had to loss all of it before the next cycle. Kathy kept saying it is an egg quality issue but that is bullshit, I had good egg quality. In fact one embryo was excellent quality. I just feel like I am being pushed aside because I am over weight. Why? Don't over weight people go through IVF? In fact IVF made me gain weight. I am to through with this clinic, I feel like I am just being pushed about. I will be talking to someone and letting them know how I feel tomorrow. I have also contacted another clinic for a second opinion and if this cycle does not work I will not be cycling with them again. I am holding out no hope this cycle because I do not believe these people are going to aggressively treat me. I have cried to many times at work today and they should not have the power to upset me this way. Sis thank you for letting me vent today and helping me figure out what I am going to say to these people tomorrow. I love you!

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Mrs. Schmitty said...

I'm so sorry they were so cruel to you. It is a vicious cycle, the fertility drugs make you gain weight, then they want you to lose weight...I remember. No one should be treated the way you were. I agree, if this doesn't work, maybe you can get a second opinion. Chin up sweetie, you will get through this.