Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All around update

I am still going strong over here. It has been a hard week for me though. I ate a steak and cheese sub last night and only went over 2 points for the day. Thank god for the weeklies. Thursday we have our Pop Warner football banquet. I have no idea what they will be serving but let's hope I can stay on plan.

I realized that I really haven't updated about the boys. Let's see Terrell is almost 9, in 3rd grade now and doing really well. However the teenage eye rolling seems to have started already. Really? At almost 9? He is a good kid for the most part though and he still likes to cuddle Mom.

Jayden will be 4 in May and he is a trip. He is still a little terror that will not sleep in his own bed all night. He terrorizes his brother his friends and the cat. He knows his numbers from 1 to 0 by sight, he runs around telling us what time it is. He is trying to learn letters now. He is precious and wild and sweet and sour and I could not love him more.

Tony and I are in a really good spot in our marriage. Things seem to have taken a turn for the better. He tells me daily now that he loves me. He is changing and not drinking as much. Life is good.

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