Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We spent the day today at the pool with my friend Lisa. The kids all had a blast. Jayden took to it like a fish. Terrell never got out unless he had to go to the bathroom or eat. It was so much fun. We just lazed around and hung out, just what I needed.

Let me tell you about my night. I get home and as I am getting out of the car a cop is walking up to my door. I was on the phone with my sister so I hang up and get out. He asks if this is my house I say yes and we go in. At this point I am pretty sure I know why he is hear because you can hear Jayden screaming bloody murder. You see it is summer and the windows in his room were open, Tony put him in his bed asleep. Now normal he will sleep until midnight or later before waking but for some reason he woke up last night early. Tony had take an ambien, forgotten to turn on the baby monitor and had the AC on in our room. He did not hear the baby. I had to prove to the police man that I did not leave my kids home alone while I was at work. I had to actually show him Tony in bed and then wake him up. At first I was not upset because I figure the neighbor was just worried but the more I think about it the more upset I get. He could not have been crying for all that long becase Tony texted me last night at 9:30pm that he was going to bed. This all went down about 11:15. For the love of god does this person not know that kids cry? I hope she doesn't think he is never going to cry or scream again because he is the spawn and screaming is his favorite thing to do.

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Aunt Juicebox said...

Ugh, I hate coming home and finding the cops waiting for me. We've got some pretty rotten neighbors, always calling cops or getting called on them.