Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Still alive over here. Tired as all get out though. The house is now clean except for the floors which I will do after the men track dirt all over. I am so ready to move and yet I am sad. This apartment is where my kids were born, it is the first and only home they have ever known. J will not remember but T will. It is where my life changed for the better. It is our first place together. I am looking forward to creating new memories in our new home. It is just sad letting go of this old apartment. I know I am going to cry on moving day, hell I am crying as I type this. Anyway we are around just really busy, once the insanity slows down I will be back to commenting I promise.

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kristi said...

I sort of felt that way when we built this house and left our OLD one. But I was excited to have shiny, new things and new memories!