Friday, May 29, 2009

New House

We closed on the house Tuesday. It was a long and boring process and I am glad it is over. I love our new house and can not wait to move in next weekend. This weekend is devoted to cleaning the new house and painting it. How come no one told me that fridges, washers and dryers are mostly special order and I am going to live for a week with no fridge upstairs? Tony did go buy a used fridge for our basement. I also need to finish packing, work 40 hours, mother 2 kids, clean a house, do laundry and move in the next week. Sis get you butt up here and help me. So if I don't blog for a few days you will know why, it means I am buried under piles of boxes. Pictures of the house will be coming soon.


Delenn said...

Congrats on the house!

Monogram Queen said...

So happy for you! Nothing like the pride of owning your own home!