Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more and more bullets

Sorry for the lack of posting. It is not that I don't have stuff to say it is that I forget to blog. So forgive me but a bullet update is the only way to do this.

  • Jayden stood up today unassisted for the first and second time.
  • Each time it was only for about 10 seconds but I am over the moon with happiness.
  • Tbone is getting all excited about his 6th birthday
  • We are trying to figure out what to do for it
  • My best friend is house hunting so I went to a few open houses last Sunday
  • Seeing what some of these homes look like make me extra glad I found an awesome home right off the bat
  • My sister has been off visiting my Dad and I miss talking to her
  • They have no cell reception out in the boonies
  • Tony and I have been existing but not really talking the last few days
  • I think the house stuff is making him nervous
  • I started taking my Zoloft again
  • I took T to the park this past weekend and he was mad when it was time to go
  • I told him in the car that I had fun with him, he said I did not have fun with you!
  • He had a stern talking too from Daddy and later apologized for hurting my feelings.
  • Damn ungrateful kids
  • Took them both to the park the next day and Jayden wanted no part of it
  • not the swing or the slide
  • he would not crawl either, he did not like the feel of the rubber stuff on his hands
  • I am hoping to get back to the park again this weekend


Monogram Queen said...

I guess just give T a little space, this is a HUGE step and men can get weird over stuff we totally don't understand.
Enjoy the park with your babies!!!
Good luck to (Susan?) in house-hunting!!!

Monogram Queen said...

Just checking in to see how it went at school......