Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Fight

Terrell had his first ever fight at school yesterday. Now a teacher did not tell me this, my son did. Does anyone else see a problem with that? It took my hubby all night last night and me part of the morning to find out what really happened. I guess the boy called my son stupid. So what did T do? He halled off and hit the boy, the boy hit back. The teacher separated them and gave them both timeouts. Once he finally told me this morning that he hit the kid for calling him stupid we had the whole we don't hit people talk. It was so strange because he would not tell me why he hit the boy, he kept saying he did not remember why. I told him he needed to apologize today and shake hands. So standing outside at pick up, I stand near the same lady everyday and we chat a bit. T comes out I ask if he apolized and he says no because I did not see him today. At that moment it dawns on me the boys name is the same as the lady next to me's son. Yup what are the chances that one of the only parents I like at this school is the one my kid has to fight with? So the boys said sorry and shook hands and they both seemed fine. Thank god his Mom was cool too.


Rachel said...

If your luck is anything like mine, the odds of something like this happening are pretty darn good!
I hope the upcoming days on the playground are uneventful!

kristi said...

Sounds like our situation!! Glad he told you eventually!

Monogram Queen said...

I was wondering about this ... good thing the Mom was cool because some parents are ASSES.
Me, i'm an old-school Mom. My kid is in the wrong until I find out otherwise!

Delenn said...

I always find it funny when they can't remember why they shoved/hit/pushed. Glad it worked out.