Friday, December 19, 2008

Novasure procedure

Holy fucking god that shit hurt! OK now that I got that out of the way let me tell you it was horrible. Apparently I have a floppy cervix (must be a medical term) this caused a huge problem trying to get a seal around the machine. Not to mention the first one they used they are pretty sure was defective. I get there and they get me ready. Got my shot of Tordal then in to the room. Next you get a shot of Novocaine to the cervix. I thought that would hurt but I did not feel a thing. Once that sat for about 10 minutes it was time for the Hysteroscopy, where they take a look at the uterus to make sure there are not fibroids or polyps. Once that was done it was time to do the novasure procedure. So as I said they had a hard time with the first machine, to the point that the my doctor had to call the rep from the company in. Not sure what his name was but he saw my va jayjay in all it's glory. Good thing I have IVF and such so strangers in the room does not really bother me. Anyway they tried really hard to get a seal, even using gauze with lube on it around the top of the cervix. Well that was a no go and I made them stop it was just to painful. It was then discussed weather or not to try again, I agreed but only if we were able to get the seal cause I had had enough at that point. Let me try to explain what these really bad cramps feel like. Imagine you are in labor and you know how bad the contractions are right about the time you start screaming for the Epi? Yeah that is what it felt like. So we tried again and the seal held for about 30 seconds. Total I got about 45 seconds of treatment, even though we were in the room for about an hour. Normal treatment is about 90 seconds so I got half. Hopefully this will at the least make me have normal periods. If not in a few months I will go in to the hospital to be knocked out and have a different procedure done. My doctor said that one takes longer because they literally do it by hand.

The pain last night was pretty bad, my heating pad was my best friend. Well that and some vicodin. To make matters worse J was up at 3 and again at 5. I am pretty sure he has croup. I am going to call the doctor this morning. We are getting 8 to 12 inches of snow today. Winthrop did not cancel school but is closing at noon. I have no idea what time the kindergareteners are getting out and oh yeah my freaking belly hurts. Did I mention J pulled himself up to standing on my living room chair last night? Lord help me that boy is learning to fast.


Jess said...

I'm sorry that it didn't go quiet as planned for treatment but hopefully it works at least!

Rachel said...

All I can say is ouch. I thought the HSG was bad. This sounds like the HSG on steroids.
I hope you don't have to go thru anything remotely similar to that again!

Delenn said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

That sounds so awful--I cringed when I read your post.

I hope Hubby is being extra nice to you--(he better!!)

Jess said...

I'm so sorry!! what an awful experience! I hope you start to feel better soon!!

jen @ negative lane said...

Wow. That sounds beyond unpleasant. I hope it does the trick and you don't have to go back to have a different torture.

I can't believe J is already standing and crawling! We are really lagging behind here at our house. I'm going to have to have a talk with that baby of mine! LOL