Monday, August 25, 2008


Our anniversary was very nice. I got Tony a PS3 and he got me a massage. We both got our presents on Friday, then on our real anniversary on Saturday we did laundry and hung out at home. We took the kids to the sitter in the afternoon and had a few hours alone together. It was really nice. We went to did at The Midwest grill. It is Brazilian BBQ and it was so good. The service was awesome and everyone was so nice. Only had one scare, the dessert I had was a white chocolate cup, I had no idea what was inside but it turns out it was strawberry. I am very allergic to them so it was a scary tense few minutes waiting to see if I was going to have a reaction. Thankful I did not actually eat one so it was all good. After dinner we picked up the kids and came home. I went to bed soon after because I had work on Sunday morning.

PS new post going up at other place.

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Sarah said...

congratulations on 10!!!!