Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Once again I feel like I am forgetting about this blog. It is so hard to find time to post. When I finally sit down to get on the computer Jayden usually starts crying. So considering I have limited time right now here is a post in bullet format.

  • Jayden sleeps really well if he is touching me, if not he is up every few minutes
  • I have resorted to co sleeping in order to have a functioning brain the next day
  • Terrell has one week left of school
  • Pre school graduation is on Friday June 20th
  • I actually cooked dinner last night!
  • OK not totally true, I did the sides and Tony put the chops on the grill
  • Jayden has he 2 week check up today only a few days late
  • See I just had to go get J and change him
  • I also have my 2 week check up today
  • Let's hope J's doctor is on time so I am not late for my appointment
  • Terrell is holding Jayden right now so I can finish my post and of course he is crying for me
Let me leave you with me new favorite picture:

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*~*Cece*~* said...

I'm exhausted reading your post! Whew!

I love your new avatar! You're boys are beautiful.