Friday, June 06, 2008

So Tired.

Last night was bad, I got about an hour of sleep before Jayden was up. I fed him and changed him, he was asleep in my arms put him in the crib and 5 minutes later he started crying. Picked him up and cuddled him put him down and he started crying. At this point I was almost crying, I found myself getting more upset so I left the room for a minute to compose myself. I came back and he was still crying. I picked him up again and laid him on my chest, he fell asleep in bed with me. Terrell was in bed with me as well, I laid Jayden in between the two of us. I got about 2 hours before he was up again. Fed him and back to sleep on my chest. Around 3 he was up again and so was Daddy getting ready for work. I fed him again and went to lay down in my room with him. I got 3 more hours of sleep and felt much better once I woke up. I truly forgot how hard this can be, I feel like a single mom sometimes but Tony gets up at 3am for work and I just can't see him not getting sleep when he needs to work. Saturday Jayden is all his and I am going to sleep the sleep of the dead. Remind me when does the sleeping get better????


Mrs. Schmitty said...

The sleep deprivation is the worst part about the beginning. I hope things get better...he probably just has to get into his routine...or better yet, YOURS! Hang in!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Oh I remember those days. Mister gets up at some ungodly hour, like Tony, so I'd be up w/her all night too.

I should totally show this post to my sister. After 8 years she's having her 2nd baby & is 5 months pregnant. lol I don't miss those days! Good luck & congrats again.

Zephra said...

When they are 18!