Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beach fun

It is Wednesday so it must be time to post again. It seems like lately I post mostly on Wednesday and Friday. Gotta keep the streak alive. Yesterday we went to the beach for the first time this summer. I went with my friend Kristin and her 2 boys. The kids all had a blast except for Jayden. He was not happy when we first got there but calmed down after he was able to get out of the car seat. I did dip his little toes in the ocean and boy let me tell you that did not go over well. T and the other boys had a great time playing in the surf and rolling around in the sand. I think half the beach is in my minivan now.

Today we were up and out early to go see my doctor. Blood pressure is back into the normal range so I am all done with the medicine. While we were there Jayden started crying, I know big surprise right? I felt horrible though and worked really hard to quiet him quickly. It seems there was a lady there who had just found out her baby was gone. Not sure how far along she was but I wanted to minimize her feeling any pain from hearing my little one crying. Please take just a second and say a little prayer for her.

We also went to the park for a few hours today. It was nice, J man was awake and alert for quite a while. It was nice showing him off when he was awake for a change. Professional pictures on Saturday. I can not wait!!!!

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Jerri Ann said...

That was very kind of you to think of the people around you. I remember how hard it was for me..I just wanted to fight with anyone when I had miscarriages or got another negative and a woman with a newborn would have made a good target for me. I'm sure you understand or you wouldn't have been so thoughtful.