Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Road map

The other morning I was laying in bed and Terrell was sitting with me. I had my shirt up and my pants below the baby bump. T was staring at my tummy very intently, and then he asked "mommy what are those lines on your tummy?" I chuckled a bit and said those are my stretch marks buddy. Ok so what are strech marks? Well when mommy has a baby in her tummy it keeps growing and growing and sometimes the skin gets pulled tight and strech marks happen. So those are from me, he asked? Yup baby they are. Oh sorry mommy. It was so cute.

He also heard me yesterday tell DH that the baby can hear some noise now so today he talked to his brother. "Hi little munchkin, I am Terrell your big brother. I can't wait for you to come out so I can tickle your little feet."

He is really too sweet when it comes to this baby. I signed him up for a sibling sucess class next month. It is pretty short only about an hour but it will give him a chance to see the maternity ward and labor and delivery before the baby gets here.

On baby name news, Tony has started really going through the name book so hopefully we will agree on a name soon.

Did I mention as of today only 100 days until baby?????


Jerri said...

I think Jace (my 3 year olds name) goes well with Terrell. He calls his older brother "Bubba" and they run around all the time saying, "Jace and Bubba, Jace and Bubba"....too cute!

Jess said...

Wow congratulations on the baby coming! I know I am late =)

I had taken time away from my dear old blog, but yep your still in the blog roll.

Your boy sounds so sweet, he is going to make an awesome big brother!