Saturday, January 05, 2008

½ way!

Today I am 19 weeks. If a normal pregnancy is 40 weeks that makes me at the half way point now. I have scheduled my c section for May 23 a day before 39 weeks, provided this baby doesn't exit early like his brother. Tony told me today that he had a dream about the baby. He dreamed we went to the doctor and something was wrong with him. I told him welcome to my world, I worry on a daily basis. While I hate hearing that he is dreaming about something bad happening it is nice to know he is thinking and worrying and wondering too. So much of the time I feel like I am alone in this whole pregnancy thing.


Delenn said...

Congrats on 1/2 way!

I am having a scheduled C also--although haven't scheduled it yet... :-)

Zephra said...

Now that you and I have each other again, you will never be alone.

Sarah said...

i totally know what you mean, sometimes it is a relief to find out men are actually paying attention at all during pregnancy!