Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The amnio went really well. We were there forever but other than that it was good. They had to stick me twice because the could not get a good angle to get the fluid the first time. It did not hurt but was uncomfortable. The first stick into the uterus felt like someone had hit my funny bone. The second time was a bit more painful but still nothing I could not handle. I should have the results next week sometime. Baby would not show the sex this time so I am waiting for the amnio results before I buy anything blue. I have my regular OB appointment today and then the MFM(maternal fetal medicine) doctor wants to see me in two weeks for another ultrasound because they were not able to see everything they needed too this time. Things like lips, fingers, toes etc. Although Tony and I both saw fingers waving at us. After the amnio I was pretty crampy and came home and laid around all night Monday and all day yesterday. Happy new year to us all.


Sarah said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!

Jen said...

Glad the amnio went well, but sorry they had to stick you twice. Ouch!

Have you tried the Nymbler website to get name inspirations?