Thursday, November 01, 2007

Why are you an ass?

Why are people so rude? We were just at the coffee shop getting something to drink and T opened the door for this guy. Not a thank you was uttered, then said guy leaves T again opens the door. Still no thank you. Terrell asks me why he did not say anything, I said I did not know but maybe he did not have his manners today. T thinks he lost his voice. Well we now know that his voice is fine. A few doors from my house he tells me to mind my own fucking business bitch. He has manners. Yeah I can tell, I told him if he really had manners he would not call someone out of their name. I also said you never did say thank you or we would have heard you. What an ass and he made himself look like a huge jerk screaming at a mom and her 4 year old son with his foul ass mouth. So how is your day going?


Mom on Coffee said...

Ohhhhhhh...Karma is going to get him so good. Hugs to you and T.

And 9 weeks...WHOO HOO!!!!

supermom said...

Wow,some people can be jerks, I know what you mean...what happened to having manners?? I just try not to let these a-holes bother me;)