Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to work

Today I head back into the real world and have to go to work. Trust me I would love nothing more than to spend the 2WW laying around my house doing nothing but that is not possible. I think alot about weather or not this time worked. I hope and pray it did. It all seems so different from last time. ER and ET went much better. I guess I felt last time that the ET was botched, I was very happy to see that I was having a different doctor this time. I did leave the house for a bit yesterday to take T to school and pick him up. I also stopped at the dollar tree and stocked up on HPT's. I mean really for a buck you can't go wrong. I am hoping to hold off until Monday before the peeing starts up. That would put me at 8dpo or 6dp2dt. Early I know but again for a buck why not?

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Sarah said...

laying around at home for the whole 2ww would be total torture for me, at least you'll have your mind off it (sort of). okay not really, but at least at work there are other things to worry about.