Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hi guys thanks for all the sticky baby vibes. We put back all 3. They were all 4 cells with one showing some slight fragmentation. We got the whole we don't want you to get pregnant with triplets talk but decided 3 was the way to go. Pregnancy test is on the 22nd and I am hopeful. Back to bed with me now before Tony finds out I have been up.


Zephra said...

Sorry sis that i did not post for you. When I got home from school with the kids, they needed hair cuts and then Kamran told me it was parent teacher night. I didn't even get in the house until 9pm. That and we all seem to be sick. Hubby even stayed home so you know he is REALLY sick. Sorry again.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Good luck with the preggers test! I will be out of town on the 22nd but I'll try to check in & hopefully you'll have good news! *crossing fingers*

Sarah said...

good luck, val! i'm really hoping this is it for you!!!

how are you feeling? it sounds liek this whole cycle has been MUCH better than the last attempt. take it easy...update after you've had a good long rest.