Wednesday, June 06, 2007


  • I remember when I was growing up we did not have central air. We had fans in our rooms, but on the really hot sticky nights we would camp out in our parent's room. Of course they had AC. Do you remember that sis?
  • I had a grey poodle named gigi, she was hit by a car
  • One of our cats had kittens in my step moms closet.
  • We used to have huge backyard BBQ's and pig roasts all the time. Our house was the party house.
  • Our backyard featured a patio, goldfish pond and a good size garden, plus we still had tons of grass.
  • We used to play outside all day long until it got dark out.
  • I lived with alot of abuse both physical and mental.
  • Both my parents were big drinkers.
  • My stepmom has stopped drinking and from what my sister tells me she is a changed person.
  • We used to put on shows to my stepmom's Barry Manilow album. LOL!!


Mom on Coffee said...

I remember playing outside from as soon as I finished breakfast until supper time. Best memories ever.

Sorry I haven't been by lately...

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I'm sorry you and your sister had to live through abuse. No child should feel unsafe.

Zephra said...

I don't remember sleeping in their room but I do remember another cat had babies in my bed...