Tuesday, May 08, 2007


That is my new name, not as nice as momma or even mom but I love it just the same. Terrell has the uncanny ability to say it like a 14 year old teenage girl, just a touch of disdain. Nothing like your four year old calling you mudder. I asked him why he calls me that and he sucks his teeth(something he got from me) and says cause it is your name! LOL I love that kid.

I am still not eating well and I can not seem to stop myself. I want to be thinner but my mind can not seem to overrule my hunger most days. tony finally cleaned the kitchen from the weekend party, I know he was not waiting for me to do it or the dishes would have never gotten done! I took the van to finally get the pictures for insurance done, nothing like waiting for the last minute. well enough of all that I am off to have lunch.


Zephra said...

Sis, you HAVE to get back on track. Remember your goal. You can do this but you have to remember that every time you eat, it is another opportunity to make a good food decision.

Cece said...

My girls sound like country kids when they call me Momma! lol