Monday, May 07, 2007


Real blog post coming later today. I am up 2 pounds this week, you think eating and drinking everything in sight had anything to do with it? I think alot is retained water from all the salty shit we ate Saturday night. We had a little get together for the fight. I drank too so I bet that did not help. I promise to be a better blogger this week and to do the 2 meme's I got tagged for. I will be back later today with something more interesting.


Zephra said...

Yea I bet the food might just have something to do with it. Good observation... I am sure I am up too between TOM coming and the delicious chocolate brownie cake and calamari I ate yesterday.

Sarah said...

well you gotta expect to go up once in a while, right? that's how it works. you're so right about the drinking too, that always makes me feel way more bloated.

Cece said...

I made a pig out of myself while watching the fight on Saturday night. Ugh. That's what happens when we host parties, I eat WAY too much!

Luckily I got sick that night & when I weighed myself the next morning, even after all the drinking, no damage was evident! lol