Monday, April 09, 2007


Well another Monday has rolled around and today is the day I start the south beach diet. For breakfast I has scrambled eggs with canadian bacon and some fat free cottage cheese. Pretty good so far. A few of the girls at work are going to do it with me. I am glad because that will give me support at work and of course I have my sister always. Although if she keeps telling me about how I am going to miss all my favorite foods I am going to have to fly to Dallas and kick her ass.

Easter was good, I worked in the afternoon but we just did a early dinner. Video taped T looking for his easter eggs and ate alot. A perfect holiday, well except for the whole going to work thing.

Ok I have decided I am going to post my weight so that I can really keep track and be accountable. The scale this morning said 240 but I am going to add 2 pounds to that because I am pretty sure the floor was not level so 242 is the number. Next offical weigh in on Monday.

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