Thursday, April 05, 2007


I am sorry I did not post sooner. It seems the phone company was out here Monday afternoon working on the pole by my house. Well while they were doing whatever it is they do they took out my phone service. It took 3 days to get it back and that was only after I called to complain many times and told them that I know they messed up my service because it worked fine until your guy was on the pole. I finally got a really nice guy who got someone out her on Wednesday to fix it. Yes I know today is Thursday but my RE gave me an awesome stomach bug! I was sick as a dog all night Tuesday and all day yesterday. The whole shebang vomiting diarrhea and the chills with a fever. Thanks Doc you are a peach.

Ok now for what you really care about, the appointment. It was not good. Basically boils down to the reason I am not pregnant is because I am fat. OK he did not really say that exactly but that is what I heard. He will not cycle me this month. He wants me to lose 20 pounds first to bring my BMI under 35. The best thing? I gained 7 pounds during the last IVF cycle. His perky pregnant nurse told me to try either Atkins or south beach, she said with either one I could get to the 20 pound loss by the next cycle. Now I do not care so much that she is pregnant but hello she weighs maybe 90 pounds what the hell does she know about loosing weight? He also wants me to give my shots in the thigh because there is less fat there. Seems fat is a theme here huh? No Lupron this time as he thinks it might of suppressed me to well instead I will be doing reponex/menopur? I need to do some research on them now that I have my computer back. So I am going to try the south beach diet and hope it works well for me. I have considered going to another clinicc as well though. We will see. I am really just still trying to process it all.


Mike said...

Good luck. I read another blog by a mother that ended up having to do the same thing. She did and then got back into the IVF and is now about 13 weeks pregnant. Try to stay positive and do what they ask. For the record, I did South Beach a while back and lost about 15 pounds pretty quickly. It is tough and frustrating, but it does seem to work for at least the short term which is really what you need to primarily focus on for now anyway.

tAnYeTTa said...

I 'love' the advice from the 90 pound receptionist. Geez, talk about lack of tact.

20 pounds? that's it? ok let's just run down the street real quick. if only it was that easy!

sending you hugs Val. things will work out. :)