Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Diet stuff

I am posting from work so this might be a bit short, the diet is going well. I did cheat just a bit but that damn Easter candy was crying out my name. Headaches are pretty common the first few days and boy I got a big one brewing right now. I just had a small cup of tea hoping the caffeine will help. Tony made chili the other day and it's really good and on SB it is a great thing to eat. I am gassy as all get out though, so bad I can't stand myself. Ahh the sacrifices we make to be skinny. I did resist the urge to weigh myself today, I am really going to try to only weigh in on Mondays. I love that Tony is doing SB with me, it makes it alot easier to stick to it. I can not wait to lose the stupid 20 odd pounds and then go see my doctor again. I am so excited to cycle next month and feel at peace with the choice to not cycle this month.

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Samantha said...

Good luck with the diet! I'm glad things have started off well.