Monday, April 16, 2007


Well yesterday was Terrell's birthday. We had a party at my work and it was a blast! We had a magician who was wonderful with the kids and the adults. He did this really cool trick at the end with T for his helper. He made Terrell float in the air. Very cool trick. It was a windy wet day but we did not let that dampen our party. The kids all had a great time with the pinata, but it kept falling down from the ceiling. We finally had to tear open the pinata and give all the kids the candy. T got lots of great presents including 3 red sox shirts. You gotta love all the uncles. He also got a bike from us, a skateboard, kneepads, wrestlers, better batter baseball from ESPN, plus a ton of other stuff. Here are a bunch of pictures from the party.

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Sarah said...

OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have the four years flown by? He looks so grown up on his new bike!! It's weird that it only take four years to make one of those big people. Congratulations!