Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Mom on Coffee has nominated me for a Thinker Award. To say that I am shocked and honored can not convey all that I feel. Mom blogs about her family and life as a Mom of 3. I am a fairly new reader of her blog but I do like visiting her a few times a week.

So, this nomination is a MeMe/tag. I now have to choose 5 blogs from the long list of those I visit that make me think. Those tagged should write their own post(including the award button) with 5 blogs that make them think.

So here are my five:

My sister Zephra. She never ever fails to make me think. It doesn't matter if it is fart jokes or more serious topics like her kids and friends. Every time she writes something it gets my mind going in a million different ways. I am so happy she decided to blog!

Sarah over at For the Flavor. She was my IVF cycle buddy. I am so happy for her that she got a BFP. She is now struggling a bit with trying to be happy about being pregnant while tempering it with all the things we infertiles know can still go wrong. She is a wonderfully strong woman and I am enjoying reading about her pregnancy.

Yvonne over at Joy Unexpected. This woman is so funny and always makes me laugh. She is so valiant in the way she has been so open about her struggles with weight and low self esteem. She is also an aerobic dance queen! If you don't read her you should start!

Chatty over at Whatchu Tawkin Bout? She is a teacher and a red sox fan. What more could you ask for? you never know what she is going to blog about but it always makes me think. I hope Terrell has a teacher like her one day. This lady rocks!

Sad to say I can not for the life of me think of a 5th blog to put here that hasn't already been nominated.


Sarah said...

aw, thank you so much for the lovely compliment. i may cry! (see, i'm not so strong.) so i'm not allowed to nominate you back, huh? i have to come up with five new blogs...yikes! i love them all!!

thank you again.

Y said...

Sorry I'm just now getting here! Thank you so much. I hope you'll forgive me for if I don't write my own post. I just have such limited time with having to pack 10 years of our lives up by the 5th of May!

But thank you so much, this is the first time I've been nominated for one!