Thursday, March 22, 2007


It has been about a week and my butt still hurts. I have a numb area on my right hip. I know it is from when Tony hit a nerve. It still aches sometimes and I wake up with it in pain every now and then. I wonder how long this is going to last?

Yesterday I got most of Terrell's easter basket stuff. I did give him one thing early. It is a giant 737 styrofoam glider. I got it at the dollar tree and he loves it. It was so worth the dollar. Right now he is playing with it in the house with his best friend Isaiah. Isaiah's mom is on her way to the hospital for a non stress test. She is very pregnant with her 3rd baby. This time it is a girl and we can not wait to meet her. She is due on March 28th but we all expected the baby to have already been born. Gotta love girls alwaslate even to there own birth!

Anyway that is what is going on around here. What is happening in your world.

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