Tuesday, March 20, 2007


You know goodbye's are so hard. My brother in law Mike has been staying with us since December 2. Yes I said December. He came back up here from Florida to clear up some court stuff and get his license back. Terrell has loved having his uncle around and is heartbroken that he is gone. It is going to be very strange in my house for the next few days as we get used to being a family of three again. One thing is for sure we will not go through as much TP now. That boy sure could use a lot of it. I bet the electric bill goes down now too. Mike is my favorite BIL, he is a lot of fun to be around. With that said I am so happy to have my privacy back! Woohoo no worrying about weather or not we are bothering him when he is sleeping, no more nasty farting smells when I walk in the door. He slept in the computer room and that is where my front door is, he almost killed me one night. Frebreeze has been my friend. I love him though and I am sure the house is going to be strangely silent now.

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