Monday, March 05, 2007


So on Saturday morning we had our embryo transfer. It went way better than the egg retrieval. We transfered two embryos, a grade 1 and a grade 3. The other embryo had stopped growing. I came home and was on bed rest for two days. Let me tell you DH was strict about me laying down and resting. I was able to sneak on the computer for a few minutes yesterday but that was it. My beta blood pregnancy test is on the 15th. Now you know there is no way I am going to be able to wait until then. I already have some evil HPT's under the bathroom sink.

Terrell has been so good through all of this IVF stuff. He knows what we are doing and why. He talks to the embryos and tells them to stick around and turn into babies. He is anxiously watching my tummy waiting for it to get big. He holds my hand while Daddy gives me the PIO shots in the butt. He just really is enjoying being in on this from the beginning. He does know that just because the embryos are there now does not mean they will stick. He knows if this doesn't work we will try again.

As for the PIO shots, I think the fear of the shot was worse than the actual shot. I am amazed that it is not as painful as I expected. The only thing I do worry about is the longer I am on them the more they will hurt.

Sarah I hope your 12 embies are in great shape and all grade 1's!

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