Tuesday, January 23, 2007

RE Meeting

Our meeting went really well yesterday. Other than waiting 45 minutes for our appointment. We reviewed all the tests and as we already knew Tony is fine, with a sperm count of 190 million. I forget what else the doctor said about him but all is good there.

As for me, my FSH was 9.2, below the 10 they hate to see but still high. My E2 was 60 on day 3 and 511 on day 10. My glucose/insulin level was borderline high at 3.8, so I am now on Metformin. He did say it seems my clock is ticking faster than a normal woman my age. Also my tubes are blocked as we already knew by the HSG. He gave us 3 choices to choose from for treatment. Behind door #1, assume my tubes were in a spasm and try on our own a bit longer. Yeah like that is going to work. Behind door #2, go in and do a lap to see if we can clear the tubes. I had already pretty much ruled this one out. Behind door #3, go ahead with IVF. Yeah guess which one we picked? Dr. H that is his new name cause I can't think up a cutesy name for him. Anyway Dr. H said he is going to do a micro flare lupron protocol with us. I have to call his nurse tomorrow to set up a meeting time to make sure we have the injection instructions right. I am watching a bunch of videos online to see how to give them. Doesn't that just sound like a ton of fun? So now we are just waiting for AF to start so we can too. I should know in 10 days if our insurance is going to start covering the IVF now or if they will make us wait. Considering my tubes are blocked Dr. H is confident they will give approval.

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