Friday, December 08, 2006


I took Terrell to see Santa yesterday. He was so excited and gave him a great big hug. He talked to Santa for quite a while and asked several things. He wanted to know where the sleigh was and how come he can see all the time what T is up to? It was really cute, I think Santa was impressed with him. He told Santa he wanted a bike, a aircraft carrier and ready for this one? Flowers for Mommy. How sweet is that? Santa had to tell me, he said it was the first kid this year who asked for something for his mom. I feel so special. While we were at the mall I stopped at payless and they have the most perfect pair of shoes. Greenish tealish satin with a bow in back. Totally impractical but I must have them. I will be grabbing them Saturday. I need to start some shopping for others today. Or maybe Monday when I am off. We shall see.

We had a fire at the hotel last night. Well really it was in the compactor/ dumpster outside. Took the fire department forever to put it out and at one point they thought they might have to evacuate the hotel. How much fun do you think I had last night? It was so stressful but no one was hurt and the fire was finally put out. I just wanted to go home then my relief shows up 22 minutes late. Thanks a lot I love getting home at midnight. Anyway that was my night how was yours?

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