Monday, November 27, 2006

Houston we have a problem...

It has happened, I think the stress is getting to Tony. All of a sudden things are not working as they should if you get my drift. I feel bad I do but how in the hell are we going to make a baby if we can't complete the deal? He is ready to ask the doctor for Viagra. I don't think we need to push it that far, I think he just needs to relax and stop worrying about it. Hee hee. I am hoping it will work tonight because hello critical time in the baby making around here.

We are going to buy a new Christmas tree today. The one we have is way to big and I am going to get something smaller. I really want a prelit so it can be one less thing for me to do. I might get some new stuff for the tree too. Plus I need to go to hallmark and get the snowman for this year. I buy one every year. Need to go get myself a coat too, the Burlington coat factory gift card is burning a hole in my pocket. Tony and I are going to start some shopping tomorrow I think. Depends on how he is feeling. He has that cold that has been making the rounds.

Other than that nothing exciting going on. I have been thinking about starting another blog about stuff I can't post here. If I know you drop me a comment or email to tell me if you want a invite and I will explain more then.

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