Monday, September 18, 2006


Long boring weekend around here. Not much going on at all. I did get to have yesterday off, I declared it a no internet day. That was mostly because Tony's butt was surgically attached to the computer chair doing fantasy football stuff. Today I went in to work at 6, by the time 3 came I was ready to get the hell out of there. So you know my relief was late. I stayed to 3:20 then dropped the keys in a manager's hand and got the heck outta dodge. See assholes if you had given me that promotion I would have stayed. Oh well I am not doing anyone any favors at that place anymore.

AF is due tomorrow I really really hope if she is coming that she shows up. I am way to ready to start the clomid. A June baby would be great. Of course a July or August baby would be good too.
I am sorry I have not be coming by lately but I promise I will get around to everyone and say hi. Drop me a comment or two, I miss having any.

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