Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So I have decided I need to post more often. This is my attempt to start posting daily again. Last night Terrell was not feeling good. His tummy was really hurting him. Of course I thought he just needed to poop. He did have a bit of gas, I put him in the tub thinking that might help a bit. When I got him out and dressed he threw up all over me. God how I love being a mommy. After that he was just fine. I guess it was just a tummy ache. He does have the sniffles and a small cough but I am thinking it is most likely allergies and not a cold.

In other news AF has arrived and I could not be happier. This means I am going to be starting clomid in just 5 short days. I am so anxious to get going on the baby making front. I have decided to take my beautiful ring back, I really can not afford it since we are going to be having another child. If I had gotten my raise it would be different but oh well. Any ideas on how to take it back without feeling like a total ass?

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