Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well let's see there is so much going on around here lately. Terrell started school on Tuesday and really like it. I am a horrible mom and forgot to take a picture of him for his first day. He is back at school now thank god. I do not know what in the heck crawled up his butt today but he was a whiny, crying no eating little boy today. I must say I was happy to take him to school today.

Saw my Gyn doctor yesterday and he wanted me to wait a few more months before going on the clomid. I told him no way I was ready for it now. I am almost 36 and do not want to wait any longer than necessary. He gave me the clomid and I will start it on day 5 of my next cycle. I am now trying really hard not to expect to be pregnant the first go around. It is hard though because it worked the first time with Terrell. I also have to call and schedule my mamogram soon.

As far as work goes I am no longer happy there but am going to hold on and just do my job until I can find something else. I was pretty much told it was not a matter of not needing a assistant but what would the hotel gain by giving me that title that they already don't get from me. Plus that they don't think I am capable of giving what is needed for the job. Well to that I say FUCK YOU, most places will at least say to the person if we offer you the job this is what we would expect from you. Did they give me that opportunity? No they did not, which just shows me that I am not a valued employee to them. So off to the job search I go again.

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