Monday, September 19, 2005

Whiny, poopy and hungry oh my!

T woke up extra early today, Lucky me. He was whiny and poopy and hungry. I hugged him, changed his diaper and dressed him and off to the coffee shop we went. He wanted pancakes and chocolate milk. The food came he ate about 5 bite of his pancake and all his milk then started acting strange. Now you have to understand T loves the coffee shop. He knows everyone and talks to them all. He just wanted me to hold him and then all of a sudden I was sure he was gonna throw up. We got outta there quick. I had to ask Amy to clean our table up for us, I usually bus my own table to help them out cause they are so busy but I figured getting T out before he threw up was more important. Got T home and he is on the couch watching Charlotte's web and laying on the couch. Not sure what is going on with him. He doesn't have a fever or anything he just isn't his self. He does keep asking where are you taking me today momma? Hee hee. He wants to go buy juice boxes at the store. Maybe this afternoon if he is better.

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