Thursday, April 08, 2010

Poop Post

Last night while getting Jayden ready to shower he looked at the toilet and said poop. I said yes poo poo goes in there do you want to try? He nodded and I put him on the big pot. He was too cute, trying to push that poo poo out. A little rabbit turd did make it into the toilet and all rejoiced. I am excited because I know this means he gets the idea of what to do on there. This weekend I am going to work at expanding on this, I will be getting the potty insert for the toilet and hoping I can get him to poop on the pot again.

Wow a whole post about poop, never thought that would happen again.

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Anonymous said...

good for Jayden! I wish Farty would show some interest. He wants nothing to do with that potty! I'll just keep pointing him in that direction I guess...he may go to college in diapers at this rate, lol.