Thursday, April 15, 2010


Terrell today you are 7. I can not believe it has gone by so quickly. You are an amazing son, you teach me things about myself that I never knew. You love riding your bike now with no training wheels even if it was hard at first. You are mostly nice to your baby brother. I know it is hard being the oldest and always being expected to do the right thing. Mom and Dad are working on not expecting so much from you in regards to your brother. The year of 6 was full of a lot of changes and new things. We got a new house, you got a new school, new friends, your own bedroom. You learned how to read and you love math. I love watching you play in the yard with your brother when you think I am not looking. Mostly I just love you, you are awesome and I am having the time of my life being your Mom. HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY T!

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