Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday evening I checked in a guest at the hotel who is a paranormal investigator. His name is Christopher Moon. We have a sign up that says haunted hotel, he asked if it was true and I said some of the overnight people say yes. He then told us who he was and that he would let us know in the morning if anything or anyone was about. Turns out we have a little girl ghost. She was in the area near the vending machines, pacing back and forth. I am pretty sure we have another ghost here as the girls all feel a male presence. I am thinking of emailing him to see if he would come back next time he is in the area. How freaking cool is that?


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Creepy, we could have used him at the house we lived in for 11 years! It was built in the 1900's. I think it was haunted by several ghosts- you would hear them run up & down the 3rd story steps (everyone else on the block was 2 story.) If you were down the basement you would hear boots thumping (though it was a carpeted house.) Smoke one time in the kitchen when nothing was on. (There had been a fire there years ago.) And people would sit down on the end of the bed when you were in bed!!!! I kept my fiance up until 6am one time telling him stories from that house!

Patti_Cake said...

Very cool but as long as YOU are where the ghosts are and NOT me! LOL