Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well for the last few days Jayden has been standing up by himself off and on. Today he may have even taken his first step. I am not sure if I should count it or not because it was more like a tumble than a step. What do you guys think?

Terrell was pretty sick the last part of last week and all weekend. He is doing much better now, and no it is not the sw1ne flu. He had something viral and it was bad. 103.5 fevers and lots of sleeping. Of course once I took him to the doctor he started to get better. Isn't that always the way?

My SIL is visiting again. She was just here in September, then we saw her in November during our trip to California. Now she is talking about coming back in June to see the new house. God love her this is the most she has ever visited us.


Sarah said...

the stumble totally counts :)

glad T is better, piper had the same type of thing all week too. sucks.

Monogram Queen said...

Hope T is better by now and enjoy your SIL and just be glad she doesn't live "too" close so you can enjoy her more. Sometimes family being "too" close is annoying (at least to me)