Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Boy

Terrell is the sweetest little boy ever! At the coffee shop this morning someone asked him what he wanted for Christmas. After his usual answer he also said I want my brother to have a fun day. AWWWWW


Dreamer4agift said...

Aw, how sweet:-)


Cara said...

Seriously? What have you done to create such a sweet boy? My older girl is checking her list everyday!


White Picket Fences said...

That's a testament to an excellent mother right there ....very, very sweet!


CappyPrincess said...

Siblings can say the sweetest things to/about each other.

Of course, I've also known siblings who, when no one is looking, take every opportunity to pester each other. LOL

I hope he stays as sweet and loving to his brother!

Oh, btw, you root for the best team in the NFL!! No, seriously! Who cares about the record? The Pats are just the greatest thing since sliced bread in my opinion. The others are just jealous :wink:


CTagsGirl said...

Too cute! :) What a fantastic big brother!

Thanks for taking stop-by my blog and comment. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


theworms said...

That is so sweet.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


jen @ negative lane said...

What a sweetie!

Merry Christmas!

The Wright's said...

Sweetest thing ever!!

Happy Holidays.

christina from