Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vacation Recap

To those of you who answered my questions thank you. It was nice to see that I do have readers. You know besides my sister who is required to read my blog. We had a great time and I am going to tell you about it in bullets.

  • On Friday we arrived and immediatly went to In and Out burger. You west coasters know what I am talking about. They have the best burgers ever and they are cheap!
  • While sitting down eating said burgers there was a mysterious knock at the garage door. Now had any of us been thinking we would have known it was strange to have someone knock on the inside garage door. Turns out Tony's twin sister had come out on Wednesday to surprise us.
  • It was pretty nice to see her again ans amazingly she did not get on my nerves this time.
  • Saturday and Sunday we just chilled around the house, enjoying spending time with everyone.
  • One big reason I love my inlaws? Because they treat me just like a daughter. MIL got up with Jayden the first night we were there and made me go back to bed. She then got up every single night with him so I could sleep. It makes me weepy just thinking of all the wonderful sleep I will be missing now.
  • The last 3 nights we were there J slept through the night.
  • MIL got up to check that he was still breathing. Guess those mothering instincts never die.
  • On Monday we went to Legoland. Just me, Tony, Terrell, Jayden and MIL.
  • We had a blast, that place was so much fun. Not crowded and the rides were just right for T.
  • Tuesday was spent hanging around the house again.
  • Wednesday SIL went home. We also went to the March field air museum.
  • Terrell loves airplanes so this was awesome for him. It was pretty cool for the grown ups too.
  • I think FIL enjoyed showing all of it to T.
  • Thursday we relaxed at home and then went to Hooters with T to watch the Pats play. We had also gone there on Sunday morning to see the game.
  • Hooters has tater tots with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits and chives on the menu. YUMMY!
  • Friday was spent at the San Diego Zoo. I forget how huge this place is, we spent all day there and we still did not see everything.
  • Terrell loved the Giraffes.
  • Let me tell you how good we ate. Catfish and shrimp one day. Sunday dinner which was the bomb! Smothered pork chops. Spaghetti my SIL made. Homemade sweet potato pie. Homemade Carrot cake. Just good food and beakfast almost every day. You can tell my MIL loves to cook for her family.
  • We also got a family portrait done while we were all there. Can't wait to get them back.
Now for a bunch of pictures!

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Delenn said...

I've always wanted to go to Lego land! Sounds like you had a great time! And the boys just keep getting cuter!